Studio Practice

Research – Difference

Understanding the difference between photojournalism, documentary, editorial and commercial photography.

Beginning with photojournalism, this is about taking pictures of the event and showing what happens through the pictures like a story. The photographer cant change the lighting or what happens during the event.

Documentary photography. The photographer has more power and is able to change the lighting and direct what id happening in the picture during the event. The work surrounding the subject is about history or everyday life.

Editorial photography. The photographer will be documenting an event for a feature in a magazine and also needs to follow a brief to create polished images that are a lot more relaxed and candid.

Commercial photography. The photographer works with the business to produce corporate portraits or taking pictures of their products for things such as leaflet, brochures, menus etc. Also maybe working in documenting the change in a certain business such as rebranding or new offices.

During my project the model I have been taking pictures of whilst working out has also been using the pictures for his blog on Instagram which showcases his progress in calisthenics, I believe the pictures i am taking fall under the editorial section of photography.


Brian Heys 12 August 2016 –

Vanessa Schaefer 1 August 2016 –

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